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View my family and friend's photos.

Dedication to one of my sisters who died in 2000.

See vintage photos of me and my family in Michigan.



My 13 days in Paris.  Lots of photos.

Big Cat Rescue near Tampa, Florida.  It's awesome!




Like Birds?  Check out Black Point Wildlife Park in Titusville, Florida.


   Kennedy Space Center.  View Photos. 

Want to see what wars are costing us? 

Click here.

It'll knock your socks off!

Chrysler Sucks!

 Read about the Pacifica I bought at Flagler Chrysler in Palm Coast, FL.

Watch and listen to a shuttle launch.  


Another shuttle launch, not sure which one.

I love beautiful things.  Check out my flower photos.  

Planet Fox Commentary

I am a Software Engineer.  View my RESUME

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photos by catlover6969awwwww kittyyyyy on Twitpic I  found this on twitter and thought it was so cute I am posting it here.


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Michael Jackson Tribute



My Art

Mini Movies of my kitties.  Both are dead now and I still miss them.



My Art

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