Poem by Marda Maxine Foltting.  


"I Love You"

by Marda Foltting


When I hear you say "I love you",

I am thrilled beyond compare.

Blessed am I to feel you near me

and to have your love to share.

Just three words and yet they tell me,

all the things I want to know.

Each a guide post that I cling to

when my heart is filled with woe.

Other lips could say this warm phrase,

but it would not be as sweet.

You alone give tender meaning,

making every word complete.

Let me tell you as you tell me,

just how much you really mean.

Dearest one "I truly love you",

for you beautify life's scene.

"So it is" we'll tell each other,

now and for all time to be.

Matters not what may transpire,

I'll love you just as you love me.


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