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Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial where his hair catches on fire!  Pepsi to blame for MJs addiction?

This is hard to watch.


Michael Jackson ~ In The Closet (Michael's sexiest video ever)


Michael Jackson ~ Black Or White

"I'm not going to spend my life being a color"



Michael Jackson ~ Starts with They Way You Make Me Feel and ends with Man In The Mirror HD




Michael Jackson ~ They Don't Care About Us 


Michael Jackson ~ They Don't Really Care About Us ( Prison version) HD



Michael Jackson ~ Smooth Criminal


Michael Jackson ~ Will You Be There



Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy "What's Up With You ?"


3T Feat and Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - Private home movies. 1 of 3

Michael Jackson - Private home movies. 2 of  3


Michael Jackson - Private home movies. 3 of  3


And of course,  the performance that put him over the edge and made him a Super Star

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean Live at Motown 25




Making of Ghost too, but this one is with Michael Jackson talking more and shows his participation in the direction.

"Today's cutting edge is tomorrow's classic" by MJ



Michael Jackson made a rare public appearance and announced his upcoming 10 concert stay at London, England's O2 arena. March 2009.

Michael's last photos at concert rehearsal two days before he died.



This is really cute!  Squirrels dancing like Michael.


Michael Jackson home movies at home with kids.







Another and different interview with Lou Ferrigno, and this is a little more personal.






1997 - Luciano Pavarotti welcomes Michael Jackson



Michael Jackson has a skin disorder called Vitiligo.


Click following link to see Spike Lee on Michael Jackson with Katie Couric.




Michael Jackson's Nurse on the drug Propofol that MJ wanted to help him sleep.


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In response to the 1993 Pedophile accusations, Jordan Chandler claimed that MJ was circumcised, which he is not.  See below.  Taken from Wikipedia.

In December, Jackson was served with a warrant for a strip search of his body, as police wanted to verify Jordan Chandler's description of Jackson's genitals, and details of patches of vitiligo on the singer's body; an illness Jackson was diagnosed with in the mid 1980s.[5][26] The order stated that officers were to examine, photograph and videotape Jackson's entire body, "including his penis, anus, hips, buttocks and any other part of his body".[5][26][27] The warrant stated that refusal to comply would be used in court as a possible indication of guilt. The strip search took place on December 20 at the entertainer's ranch. Those present for the prosecution were District Attorney Tom Sneddon, a detective, a photographer and a doctor. Those present on behalf of Jackson were his two attorneys, a physician, a detective, a bodyguard and a photographer.[5] The attorneys and Sneddon agreed to leave the room when the examination took place, and Jackson demanded that the prosecution detective should also leave, which he subsequently did. In an emotional state, Jackson stood on a platform in the middle of the room, took off all his clothes and was examined for approximately 25 minutes, although he was never physically touched.[5] The search report concluded that there were some strong similarities between Chandler's description and Jackson's body, but there wasn't a definite match. Included in the inconsistencies was an inaccurate claim of circumcision. [5]



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Older Interviews ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Michael Jackson Interview With Barbara Walters (Part 2)




Michael speaking on his charity work.


In the following videos, Diane Sawyer is so accusatory and rude... 

I can't believe that MJ stood for this interview.



Video part 3 would not allow me to get the code to post it here.  

You can go to and watch it there.




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