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Cheryl M. Fox




  • Object Oriented design and programming, high level and detailed code design and specifications. Experienced in deriving software design directly from user requirements.  Corporate training in UML.
  • Mid Level C++ Programmer, with training in Object Oriented Design, C++ Classes, Inheritance, Polymorphism and Encapsulation utilizing various compilers and can easily switch from one type compiler to another. Interface to C, DLL's, Warp APIs/GUIs and IBM’s DB2.   Corporate training in TCP/IP.
  • Development Process Management, product lifecycle, team leadership. Successful code, design and unit testing to detailed testing and final installation at the customer site.
  • Graphical User Interface Design, using Java JDK 1.1.2 and swing components, Visualizer (PAS/2).
  • Client/Server and Distributed Database design and development using Visualizer, C, C++, IBM’s DB2, SQL programming, Cool GEN (AKA Composer, IEF).  Designed and developed multi-platform software: OS/2/IEF to mainframe/COBOL.


Riptide Software, Inc. as Real Time Control Software Engineer/Developer – Jan 2001 - Nov 2002

Team member on the  Checkout and Launch Control System (CLCS) at Kennedy Space Center.  CLCS would have replaced the current Space Shuttle Launch Processing System (LPS) and would have enhanced the ability of CLCS to perform dynamic health and status monitoring of Shuttle Ground Support Equipment, as well as enhancing the accuracy of these measurements.  Project was cancelled due to budget cuts.

Technical contributions include:

·  Software engineering Real Time Control Software Applications in the Command Control Processing portion of CLCS.

·  C++ on Sun Ultra 60 UNIX platform.

·  Requirement deciphering, UML design, Preliminary Design Reviews, Critical Design Reviews.

Training:  Intermediate and Advanced C++, Standard Template Libraries, UML and          Design Patterns.


Raytheon Systems Company as Software Engineer/Developer/Team Leader - Aug 1998 – Jan 2001

Team Leader on the Government Emergency Telecommunications Service project which is a major National Communications System program for the improvement of National Security / Emergency Preparedness telecommunications services to key Federal Government users in the event of major natural or manmade disasters.  Original system was delivered in 1994 using OS/2 2.1, DB2, a OO GUI generator called Visualizer and Borland C++ over X.25.  Delivered a maintained/improved version to customer in 1999 and plan to deliver all new hardware and software in 2001. 

Technical contributions included:

    • Front End GUI development, design of application interaction and integration.
    • Database design and modeling using DB2 and C Database Management System.
    • Software development using C++ and Visualizer.
    • Environment:  Borland C++,  DB2, Visualizer on Warp 4 operating system; also use of Windows 95/98/NT, OS/2, Microsoft Word.

Harris Corporation (A SEI Level 3 company) as Software Engineer/Developer – June 1996 – Aug 1998  

·   Functioned as part of a high performance work team on the National Crime Information Center 2000 project for the FBI using CASE tool IEF and COBOL II.

·  Interpreted NCIC 2000 software requirements and wrote online code in a multiple platform computing environment.

·  Designed and implemented software and wrote detailed design documents and used test tools to verify functionality and identify code problems.

·  Utilized full software development cycle.    

·   Produced a GUI for Harris’ Image Processing Lab (Research & Development) using Java for the interface of a Sensor to Shooter (J-STARS) demo.  No visual tool was used and through on the job training the project was successfully completed on time.   Environment:  Java on Sun Ultra 60 UNIX platform; JDK 1.1.5 utilizing Swing components.  

·  Environment:  MVS/ESA Operating System, DB2 Relational Database Management System, Customer Information Control System (CICS), Time Sharing Option (TSO), Teleprocessing Network Simulator (TPNS), Job Control Language (JCL), COBOL II, PVCS (Program Tracking Report)

Corporate Training:  TPNS and C++   

Hiser Kitchen Equipment, Inc. as System Administrator/Data Processing Manager – April 1988 to August 1990

Accomplishments at Hiser Kitchen Equipment:

Promoted to System Administrator/D.P. Manager after 6 weeks at the company; took over job of previous System Administrator plus configured and readied an IBM 36 with new software package for conversion from IBM 34, implemented conversion and instructed employees on the new system and software.

    • Responsible for daily backups, file maintenance, data integrity, month-end and year-end closing.
    • Applied computer configurations for new hardware, installed new software, trouble shoot and utilized menu security.
    • Performed recoveries and restores and some programming in RPG II when necessary.
    • Duties included invoicing and billing.
    • Orchestrated a conversion from a IBM 34 to a IBM 36.
    • Environment:  IBM 36 with one online location and multiple terminals using IBM’s accounting software MAPICS.  Also Data File Utility, Screen Design Aid, Source Entry Utility, Teleprocessing Network Simulator, Distributors Management Accounting Systems (DMAS) and MAPICS (IBM).

Knowledgeable in:

LANGUAGES/PROGRAMMING TOOLS: C++, C, Java, PAS/2 (Visualizer), COBOL II, CICS, RPG II, SQL, SL-GMS.  In college ONLY:  Turbo Pascal, Visual BASIC, Assembler, BASIC, Paradox, dBase IV

HARDWARE: Sun Ultra 60, IBM ES/9000 with operating system MVS/XA and Time Sharing Option, IBM 36, Altos 986-2086, tape drives, various PCs. 

SOFTWARE/OPERATING SYSTEMS: Unix, PVCS (Program Tracking Report),Windows 95/98/NT, OS/2, Microsoft Word, Excel, Distributors Management Accounting Systems (DMAS) and MAPICS (IBM), Front Page. 

SYSTEM SUPPORT PROGRAMS/MAINFRAME: Data File Utility, Screen Design Aid, Source Entry Utility, Teleprocessing Network Simulator


Grand Valley State University               

Allendale, MI 49401-9403                   

Bachelor Computer Science (programming) 5/96         

Grade point average: 3.485 on a 4.0 scale      

Alpena Community College                          

Alpena, MI 49707                   

Associate Business Data Processing        

Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Cheryl Fox


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