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One of  the following errors has occurred.

    * 401 Authorization Required displayed if a visitor tries to access a password-protected page but doesn't know the password.
    * 403 Forbidden displayed if a visitor tries to view a directory that does not contain an index file (such as "index.html" or "index.htm"), or when a visitor tries to view a file which does not have "world-readable permissions".
    * 404 Not Found displayed if a visitor tries to view a page that doesn't exist.
    * 412 Precondition Failed displayed if the server believes a security "hacking" attempt is taking place.
    * 500 Internal Server Error displayed if the server runs a CGI script that has syntax errors, or if you create a .htaccess file that has syntax errors.
    * 503 Service unavailable displayed if a single computer makes too many simultaneous connections (usually, more than 100 connections at the same time) to the Web server.

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