Help me to take a stand against Florida's relaxed attitude towards sexual perversion and the immorality that it promotes!

Cut and paste this letter below and email it to your Florida Representatives and Governor Crist. Or if you wish, you can print out the letter below, sign it and mail or fax it.

Emails and addresses for government officials are listed below this letter.

Dear Governor Crist:

 What can be done about the sexual immorality of the state of Florida?

Why are prostitutes (paid escorts, etc.) so prominent and advertised in the yellow pages, in local papers, in magazines, for all to access freely?  Why arenít men who are using these prostitutes arrested and brought up on charges?

 Why canít we monitor websites like that let prostitutes brazenly advertise their Ďwaresí and all people of all ages are free to find, look, and call these people?  It would only take one person to monitor this website and find the phone numbers and pictures of prostitutes advertising there.  These people should be arrested and/or fined to try to stop this sexual immorality from running rampant.

 Itís embarrassing as you enter our state, people begin to see advertising for sexual pleasures for men.  This gives people a bad opinion  immediately for this state, I know it did for me.

 Can we be surprised of the child molestations and rapes and murders in this state when we allow this mentality to be promoted?

 Take a moral stand.  Donít let perverse personalities win the state over.  Allow our children to be raised without the sexual prejudice that they now see, to be pressed upon them.

 Thank you.

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Email Governor Crist.


Phone: 850-488-7146
Fax: 850-487-0801

Mailing Address

Office of the Governor
The Capitol
400 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Use the following email addresses and/or snail mail address to contact your Florida representative!

Writing the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives
 E-Mail the Speaker of the House of Representatives at:    
Address letters to the Speaker of the House of Representatives as follows: 

The Honorable Marco Rubio, Speaker
Florida House of Representatives
420 The Capitol

402 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300




You can also go to the following link and enter your state and zip code and email the representative in your area.


At this link, you can email all 25 Florida representatives and 2 Florida congressmen!  Do it!  And better yet, their FAX numbers are listed here, send them a fax of your letter!  Get heard if you care!



Help me to take a stand against this type of relaxed attitude towards sexual perversion and the immorality that it promotes!


Cheryl M. Fox



You can also monitor in your area and complain about "paid escorts" postings there.  Make copies of their disgusting pages and send it to your congressmen.  Report "paid escort" advertising in your local papers to your local paper editor, let them know that you do not promote such sexual promiscuity.  Call or write your phone book company if their yellow pages list 'paid escorts' or 'escorts'.  Flood these phone numbers with calls.  Aggravate the heck out of them.  Check your boyfriend's or husband's phone bills to see if any of these phone numbers were called from them.


Here is a link to an example of a prostitute's posting on  WARNING!  Do not look at in front of  children!  This is my ex-boyfriend's favorite, which is why he is no longer my boyfriend.

michael mangaroo  (click link and then click 'search criteria' and enter last name to see mug shot)



I've learned about all these sick sexual places on the internet from catching my ex-boyfriend.  Here is another website that we should bombard with emails, have you looked at it?  Again, WARNING!  NOT FOR CHILDREN!


There is so much porn on the net, it's amazing and frightening.  What has become of us in this world of digital instant gratification for the sex addicts and perverts in the world.  Let's keep it out of America if we can without challenging 'freedom of speech'.  Is it possible?  


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Women Against Paid Escorts

Women For Morality

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